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Make your wrinkles disappear in an instant with the WRINKLE FILLER. Its filling texture smoothes the wrinkles and all the other imperfections of the skin in only a few seconds.

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The exclusive formula of the WRINKLE FILLER corrects instantly the wrinkles and the imperfections while nourishing them throughout the day to leave your skin young and fresh. Simply apply the filler on your wrinkles and observe them disappear.

What makes it unique? The WRINKLE FILLER offers instantly visible results. From the moment you apply it, you can see the difference. This putty-like unguent adheres to your skin without penetrating so that it fills your wrinkle just as a painter fills cracks in your wall. Its thick and silky texture results in uniformly smooth skin leaving the wrinkle invisible to the eye.

For who? We recommend this wrinkle filler for all the people who has expression lines or wrinkles due to aging like the wrinkles frown, the wrinkles of nasolabial fold, the wrinkles around the mouth, the crow’s feet,… and want to find an alternative to surgery.

How does it work? The high molecular density of this silicon emulsion ensures its maintenance at the surface of the skin while allowing its active ingredient, Cork Oak Bark extract, to penetrate it. Consequently, the balm physically fills the wrinkle while the cork oak bark extract spread its lifting and toning properties where you need it the most, at the heart of the wrinkle.

Success ingredients? The particularity of the texture lies in its neutrality and its capacity to remain on the surface of the skin instead of penetrating it. As a real high molecular density of silicon emulsion, the WRINKLE FILLER remains on the surface of your skin while only allowing its main active ingredient, Cork Oak Bark extract, to penetrate the skin. Applied strategically on the wrinkles, these ones benefit from cork oak bark extract which delivers lifting and tensing properties. We appreciate its texture on the skin because this care contains a micro-fine cosmetic resin which gives an incomparable silky touch able to correct a small area of roughness.
Exclusively developed by a cosmetic laboratory, the WRINKLE FILLER has the ability to stay hours on the skin without being detectable. We can eventually add some product during the day.


Use after applying your day cream, apply directly on wrinkle with a gentle tapping action using the finger-tips. Leave for 5 minutes before applying make-up. You can easily reapply before going out to immediately regain a rested and refreshed look.


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